Minimalism and Web Design Trends of 2013

11-01_minimalism_web_design_ld_imgOne of the biggest trends for web design in the last few years, but especially in 2013 is minimalism.

More and more businesses and brands are leaning toward more white space, better copy, less words, less business and an overall minimalistic approach to design.

The pendulum to busy, flashy, noisy websites that were trying to win beauty contests and grab attention has swung and has passed. The pendulum is now swinging the other way, where the websites that are less flashy but more focused on IMPACT, are now winning.

Design trends on the web are definitely interesting and it seems that we mature as a culture or society on the internet. Think about it – when you are a youth, you’re a bit crazy, busy, always trying to entertain, be loud, etc. but when you grow up and age, you become wiser with your choice of words and less obnoxious and flashy in your posture.

Web design and websites seem to age similarly to us humans, which is ironic and funny.

There are many local web design firms that are narrowly focusing on these trends and doing phenomenal work on the marketing side of design, where the emphasis is more about impact and conversion. Businesses like Asheville Web Design Co are a god send when it comes to breaking through the noise and clutter and flash out there, and bringing something fresh to the marketplace. We believe internet marketing and conversion should be first, and design second. In all reality, good design is about impactful words and white space, and so that’s what companies like this are delivering.

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