Cartoon Video – Explainer Video As Design

The latest trend in website design is actually not really web design, but more just an embedded element that is important to the initial impression of the visitor at the top of the site. Most companies that invest in the all new cartoon style explainer videos like to put these videos front and center as a centerpiece to the website and marketing strategy.

With youtube videos being easily embedded and also marketed solo on their own through the youtube channel and google video organic rankings, it makes for a no brainer place to host the video and promote.

We love what ReMARKable did as an example with their explainer video. They are the highest quality whiteboard paint on the market today, and they really did a quality job on their explainer video. You can check it out at

In their video they introduce their brand, their product and then explain exactly what the product does, how it can be used, and they talk about how other large companies are using the product and saving money by using it too!

Most explainer videos cost around $3000-$5000 for quality work, and that includes the time, labor and costs for a voiceover professional, script writing, video animator and all of the various pieces to come together through a laborious editing process.

Here’s ReMARKable’s explainer video for you to watch, enjoy and be inspired!


Baseball – The Timeless Tradition and the Evolution of its Field

When’s the last time you’ve been to a ballpark?

My goodness, these ballparks are just absolutely spectacular these days.

What’s interesting is that baseball has been returning to it’s minimalist design roots. The modern stadium designs are all about bringing the spectators closer to the players with less distraction between them and the actual game.

Look at pictures of baseball fields from the 70s, 80s and 90s and compare to pictures of the most recently built baseball stadiums to be unveiled in MLB, minor league, college and high school levels over the last decade.

It’s really interesting to see the difference in batting cages, field equipment used, bleachers and seating, and even just the placement of advertising, billboards, video and more.

Minimalism is all about a more pure experience, wherever it is applied.

So baseball, the timeless tradition has certainly evolved over time in its display and presentation of the game, and its been getting back to that pure experience that we all long for.

They started minimalistic in the early 1900s and now they return.

I love baseball. And as we head into the fall, we can look forward to some great playoff and World Series baseball games coming up.

Don’t forget to support your local little leagues and high school baseball too – those kids are working hard in our communities and backyards and are the future of the game.

batting cage

Minimalism and Web Design Trends of 2013

11-01_minimalism_web_design_ld_imgOne of the biggest trends for web design in the last few years, but especially in 2013 is minimalism.

More and more businesses and brands are leaning toward more white space, better copy, less words, less business and an overall minimalistic approach to design.

The pendulum to busy, flashy, noisy websites that were trying to win beauty contests and grab attention has swung and has passed. The pendulum is now swinging the other way, where the websites that are less flashy but more focused on IMPACT, are now winning.

Design trends on the web are definitely interesting and it seems that we mature as a culture or society on the internet. Think about it – when you are a youth, you’re a bit crazy, busy, always trying to entertain, be loud, etc. but when you grow up and age, you become wiser with your choice of words and less obnoxious and flashy in your posture.

Web design and websites seem to age similarly to us humans, which is ironic and funny.

There are many local web design firms that are narrowly focusing on these trends and doing phenomenal work on the marketing side of design, where the emphasis is more about impact and conversion. Businesses like Asheville Web Design Co are a god send when it comes to breaking through the noise and clutter and flash out there, and bringing something fresh to the marketplace. We believe internet marketing and conversion should be first, and design second. In all reality, good design is about impactful words and white space, and so that’s what companies like this are delivering.

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